Our Services


The Shelter stands ready to help at a moment’s notice. It is a 24 hour residential shelter fully staffed by advocates who walk alongside each survivor to help empower, support and guide. Each individual is given respect and encouragement to take control of their life and set their own path. The Shelter is a home – a place to heal, a place to recover.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Most of the work for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault happens one-on-one with our advocates. This team of caring highly trained individuals provide supportive listening, discusses options, help with safety plans, connects with community resources including legal, social, jobs, skills training and parenting.

Support groups are also available to connect survivors with others who have similar experiences. The groups are led by Oasis Family Resource Center staff and include babysitting if preregistered. For the latest list of groups or pre-register, connect with the office at 231-775-7299.

Transitional Housing

Survivors often are able to transition into our housing programs to continue that support with subsidized units.

Parenting and Family Programs

Sometimes parenting is hard and we wish we had a little extra support. The Oasis Family Links parenting team is here to help! Our team is trained in the nationally recognized Parents As Teachers (PAT) model which focuses on early childhood development. Our parent educators provide one-on-one, individually tailored plans to help strengthen and support your family goals. This program is designed for families who have a child aged prenatal through five and reside in the Wexford/Missaukee Intermedia School District. A special bonus – it’s FREE, thanks to our grant funders, CTF, MDE and Great Start Collaborative.

Oasis Resale Store

Starting in June 2022, our Second Chance Resale Store is now known as Oasis Resale Store, located at 118 S. Mitchell in downtown Cadillac. Our mission remains the same, but we are conveniently located downtown.

Prior to this, the store was called Second Chance Resale Store. All proceeds from the Resale Store help to support the programs offered by Oasis Family Resource Center and the shelter. In addition, the Resale Store provides clothing and household packets to survivors of domestic violence who are relocating, vouchers to individuals in need of clothing referred by other community agencies and work attire for survivors who are job searching.

Please consider donating gently used items to Oasis Resource Store as we are completely supported by community donations. Donations are accepted at the donation center at 1566 N. Mitchell and the resale operations are at 118 S. Mitchell. The donation center accepts donations in our bin 24 hours a day but it is staffed on Mondays and Thursdays from 10 am – 5 pm. The Oasis Resale Store at 118 S. Mitchell is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am – 5:30 pm.

Lend us a helping hand and donate. You can change the life of someone in our area.


Get In Touch

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Thank you for reaching out. If this is urgent please call our crisis hotline 231-775-7233. If this is an emergency please call 911 for immediate assistance. If you are emailing for non-emergent services related to domestic violence, sexual assault, or parenting support please call



Monday – Friday 8:00am-10:00pm.